• Percentage-Based
  • 3 levels of Periodization
  • Beginner Version Included
  • Customizable Based on YOUR Favorite Accessory Exercises


Progressive overload is built into the program to guarantee gradual but consistent strength improvements


Fully interactive and self-updating Excel model included


Strategic integration of high intensity and high volume lifting to stimulate hypertrophy


A fully percentage-based hybridization of periodized strength and high-volume hypertrophy training designed to get you STRONG in addition to BIG.

39 page e-book


Supported by 24 scientific sources

Three versions included

Strength progress tracker included

Build muscle SIZE fast

Consistently improve STRENGTH






Not good with Excel?  Don't worry! Included in the PDF is a step-by-step guide to using the Excel model and how to set it up for the first time.

  • Select exercises from from drop-down lists to best suit your needs

  • Or, input your own exercises!

pick your lifts
  • Weights for main compound lifts will be calculated automatically for every workout

  • Ability to input weight for accessory lifts

visualize your progress
  • Track your one-rep max progression cycle to cycle

  • Automatically updates


Frequently asked questions

General Questions

Who should use this program?

Individuals who are interested in training for both strength AND size (muscle hypertrophy).

Individuals who are currently eating sufficient calories/carbohydrates. If you are currently cutting calories and carbohydrates for the purposes of fat loss, this program may prove too much for you. Those newer to fitness (0-3 years) cutting with a small calorie deficit (<300) should be OK, but those cutting with moderately high calorie deficits (500+) may find the program too difficult due a lack of energy.

Am I too advanced to use this program?

This program is designed for individuals who consider themselves to be beginners or intermediates. Although advanced lifters can still benefit from Hybrid 5, if you are an advanced competitive powerlifter you may want to look into something more advanced and customized, like working 1on1 with a powerlifting coach.

An advanced lifter is generally classified as someone who has been training properly for 5+ years and can easily squat 2X their bodyweight, bench 1.5X their bodyweight, and deadlift 2.5X their bodyweight.

How long is this program?

Each Round is composed of 8 days with 6 workouts.

Each Cycle is composed of 5 Rounds.

Therefore, each individual Cycle lasts 8 x 5 = 40 days.

The program can be run as long as you want but it is recommended that you stick with it for at least 4-6 Cycles to avoid "program hopping".

Can it be done at home? What equipment is needed to use this program?

This program requires typical gym equipment found in most commercial gyms.

At the very least, a full weight set is required (Barbell with an assortment of weighted plates).

This is mandatory to perform the main 4 lifts in the program:
-Bench Press
-Overhead Press

If your home gym has the necessary equipment to perform these main lifts, you should be OK!

How many training days per week is this program? What is the split?

The intermediate version of the program follows a Push/Pull/Legs split with 6 training days over an 8-day microcycle (Round).

The beginner version of the program follows a full-body, 3 workouts/week split.

That being said, if this clashes with your schedule you are encouraged to introduce additional rest days as you see fit. This will have a small impact on your overall progress and will only increase recovery time - which is a good thing!

Does this program include a diet plan?

This program is primarily based around training.

However, there is a section included which gives the reader a brief outline (~2 pages) of how he/she should be eating while running this program to generate optimal results.

How much experience do you need to use this program?

If you are a full beginner (<6 months of training experience), it is recommended that you use the beginner version included with Hybrid 5.

If you are a "late beginner", that is you have been training consistently for 6-12 months and you feel you have a good understanding of how to perform the main compound lifts with proper form - you MAY graduate to the intermediate version IF YOU FEEL READY!

If you still feel awkward with the main compound lifts and are not 100% sure in your ability to execute these exercises properly, it is recommended that you stick with the beginner version using lighter weights and spend a considerable amount of time practising PROPER FORM as opposed to purely focusing on getting stronger.

How to use the program

How do I extract the .ZIP file?

When you purchase HYBRID 5, it will download as a .zip file that contains the entire package. Once the file has completed downloading, you will find it in your default download location.

To extract the files:

1. Right-click on the .zip package, and select Extract All...

2. A window will appear, asking where you would like to extract your files. The default location is the same folder where the .zip package is located. Click Extract to begin the process.

3. Once the files have been extracted, they will appear in a folder located in the same location as the original .zip file.

That's it! Enjoy!

How do I open the PDF files?

The PDF file can be opened in your web browser or any PDF reader such as the FREE version offered by Adobe here:

How do I open the Excel files?

The Excel file can be opened by Microsoft Excel, part of the standard Microsoft Office package.

If you do not have Microsoft Office, you can always open the file using Google Docs which allows you to open and edit spreadsheets. This is available for FREE as long as you have a Google account:

Can I use this program if I don't know how to use Excel?

Yes! The program is easy to use and perfect for those who are new to Excel. The program also includes a step-by-step guide on using the Excel model and how to set it up for the first time.

Also, within the Excel model, the cells are colour-coded. All you have to do is fill in information in the yellow cells! Easy.

Have a question? Shoot me an email and I'll get back to you ASAP!


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